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Web Design Pages

Selecting different design option pages will give us an idea of what you require for your web design project.
Text Only Page

Price: R 150.00

Simple Page

Price: R 500.00

Premium Page

Price: R 700.00

Power page

Price: R 1 400.00


Select the type of products that you want to have and the list of integrations for your online store.
WooCommerce Integration

Price: R 2 500.00

A base amount of R2500 is charged for the integration of WooCommerce. This fee also includes Dylan Webs adding a maximum of 10 simple products to your e-commerce store.
Additional Simple Products

Price: R 35.00

Variable Products

Price: R 55.00

Complex Products

Price: R 75.00

Payment Gateways
Extra WooCommerce Features


Domain name

Your website needs to be hosted on a server to work. We highly recommend making use of our Litespeed technology servers for fast loading speeds and advanced security protection.

Web Hosting
Business Emails
Google Suit Email

Price: R 130.00

Gsuite is $6 a month per email address. Please indicate the number of unique inboxes you require

Digital Marketing

Social Media Setup
Pay Per Click

Graphic Design

What designs do you need?

All graphic design packages include 3 rounds of revision. R500 is billed for every additional round of revision. 

Poster Design

Price: R 450.00

Flyer Design

Price: R 450.00

Business Card Design

Price: R 450.00

Brochure Design

Price: R 450.00

Social Media Post Design

Price: R 450.00


Maintenance on your projects varies in pricing. A custom quotation will be generated for this service.

Text Maintenance

Price per hour: R 125.00

Website Design Maintenance

Price per hour: R 155.00

API Maintenance

Price per hour: R 250.00

Server & Database Maintenance

Price per hour: R 250.00

E-commerce Maintenance

Price per hour: R 275.00

Project Turnaround Time

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